Jessy & Mikey's Dream

    He bought a ring in 2017...
    but it wasn't until July 22, 2018 that he finally got down on one knee.

    What does our honeymoon look like in our dreams...

    We are dreaming of Romance.

    We are dreaming of Relaxation.

    We are dreaming of strolling on a beach.

    We are dreaming of waking up when we want.

    We are dreaming of dinners in the moonlight.

    We are dreaming waves crashing on a beach.

    We are dreaming...

    Help us to make these dreams come true!

    Our wedding date is July 20 2019

    Visit our wedding site Wedding Page

    Joanne Cole from See & Sea Travel is going to help us make these dreams come true.

    Please connect with her either through her website or email her directly at

    Any gift you would like to give through Joanne at See & Sea Travel Inc will be placed in trust for us to book our amazing HONEYMOON.

    Enquire for the offer now!

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    * This offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.